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The values we live by

"Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness." - Auguste Escoffier


We cook all our food freshly every day as we want to offer the full flavour in all our dishes.


We cook using only the best quality local ingredients, grown under the Cyprus Sun.


We offer seasonal specials according to what is available, whether it's vegetables or fish.

About Us

For over 20 years, we have provided traditional Cypriot cuisine with a focus on quality.

Tochni Tavern takes you on a culinary journey through the vibrant flavours of Cypriot cuisine. Nestled in the heart of a picturesque village, our tavern offers a charming garden terrace, where you can dine while enjoying a mesmerizing view. 

From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and an authentic taste of Cyprus. Indulge in traditional dishes prepared with the freshest local ingredients, skilfully crafted to showcase the rich heritage and diverse influences of Cypriot gastronomy. 

Whether you’re savouring our succulent grilled meats, fresh seafood, or delectable meze platters, every bite will transport you to the sun-kissed shores of this Mediterranean paradise. Join us at Tochni Tavern, where culinary excellence and a serene ambiance combine to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Tochni Tavern. Traditional Cyprus restaurant.

We are located on the hill overlooking Tochni Village, one of the oldest villages in Cyprus, known for its beauty as it’s entirely built out of the local stone. The village is located centrally on the island, right in the middle between Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaca.

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We offer a large conference room for meetings and events. We also offer traditional holiday apartments. Visit www.cyprusvillages.com.cy for more info.

We are part of Cyprus Villages agrotourism hotel

Experience Tochni in full and stay in our traditional holiday apartments. 

Weddings, Christenings & Birthdays

Discover the enchanting allure of Tochni Tavern and its exceptional hospitality and picturesque setting, perfectly tailored to host the most remarkable occasions such as weddings, christenings, and birthdays. With its charming ambiance, breathtaking views, and a dedicated team of event specialists, Tochni Tavern ensures every moment of your special day is imbued with elegance and joy, creating lasting memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Meetings, events, and conferences

Tochni Tavern is not only a haven for delectable meals and comfortable accommodation but also a versatile destination catering to events, conferences, and meetings. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Tochni Village, where modern amenities seamlessly merge with the timeless charm of the surroundings. After a productive day, retreat to the inviting rooms and suites, meticulously designed to provide utmost comfort and relaxation. Indulge in the tantalizing flavors served at the tavern, where culinary delights crafted from the finest ingredients tantalize the palate.

Hear from our customers

Our customers love our food, just read what they have to say!

This place is a hidden gem! The food was fabulous and the owner is the friendliest gentleman! I would recommend this place and give 10 stars if I could! The food is very fresh, the meat is unbelievable and the ambiance provides you the most authentic Cypriot feeling. Thank you for a great experience!!
Eleni Skiani

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Great atmosphere and the best tavern in Cyprus. The service is very friendly and helpful. The view over the village is amazing!
We have been coming to Tochni Taverna for years, and it’s always a great time 🙂 
Can’t recommend enough!
Tor Larsen


The restaurant is beautiful, with an amazing terrace and view on the village! The service was outstanding, al staff were friendly and attentive. The food was excellent also, probably the best meze in Cyprus. I highly recommend going at sunset for the best views over Tochni village.

Cecile Mathieu

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This is by far one of the best restaurants in Cyprus. The waiters are very friendly, the place is perfectly located having all round country views but more importantly the food is exceptional. The fish was the best I have eaten in all Cyprus. Food is given in abundance and at a very good price.

Stephen McCarthy

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